Web Applications

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Here are the web applications I've put together, a mix of Flask/JS/Bootstrap/Python. GitHub code provided.

MyLMS Streamlines the learning process through subject, content, assessment, and deadline management. this is using (or will use) Flask/Python, an SQLite database (SQLalchemy), jQuery, and Vue.js for later - when a better system for managing views is needed. my LMS
French Conjugator A tool for learning French verbs! This is a Flask application. Who doesn't want to drill verb conjugations until they drop? Personally, since natural languages are a great passion of mine, I'm okay with doing that. Maybe you are too! Give it a try. Parlez-vous francais? French conjugator
Stocks A mock stock buying website, this is using Flask as well as some jQuery / Javascript for prettifying. Uses Bootstrap for theming. Mock stock application
Sentiments A (somewhat naive) Twitter sentiment analysis, accesses the twitter API to scan through the Tweets of a user, then performs a dictionary sentiment analysis (technically this is not vastly better than chance, but implementing a ML algorithm is for the future) Sentiment Analysis Twitter
Maze A simple maze game where you have to escape the trolls - proof of concept for server rendered gaming. One level. More could be easily added. Escape the trollish maze!

Non-Web Applications

Of course, no programmer should only program on the Web! Listed here are several other programs I've written for various purposes (fun, classes), in various languages including C and Python (and soon, Haskell, once I've wrangled Monads into submission)
Game of Fifteen A simple game where the aim is to reverse the ordering of the tiles. (Python 3, requires a terminal.) Arrange the tiles!
String Match Scorer A basic line matching (to a query) and scoring program (written in C, takes commandline arguments); How do I use this? scorer.exe [query string] [input file via stdinput] Click the screenshotted image to download the source code. Search for highly scored lines